Ronik Labs

At Ronik we love providing the perfect solutions for our clients. Along the way, we've come up with some pretty amazing tools to help us do that. We're making some of our more interesting projects available to all in the hopes that you can benefit from the discoveries we've made. Enjoy!

  • vue-block-reveal

    A vue directive to wrap @crnacura's Block Revealers.

  • 2017 Holiday Experience Models

    Download the models and textures that we created for the 2017 Holiday VR Experience.

  • slush-gh-pages

    A Slush generator for GitHub Pages that provides robust tooling for creating sophisticated Jekyll-based static websites.

  • Velvet

    Velvet is a static-site generator, inspired by the template interface of Jekyll. It is written in Node.js, very fast, and adds in useful features like image manipulation tools, revisioning, and deployment to Amazon S3. Because it is very modular, you can incorporate it into your project in a particular way, or use the canonical slush-velvet generator to get going right away.

  • RT Raleway

    RT Raleway is an alternate version of Raleway that utilizes the stylistic alternates of the "A" and "W" as default glyphs. Additionally, oldstyle or lowercase numerals are replaced with lining numerals as the default figure style.

  • React Drive-in

    A wicked awesome replacement for BigVideo.js that is lighter with fewer dependencies. It does not use jQuery, video.js, or any other large libraries. Only 3.5k minified and gzipped.

  • Slush Stencil

    Bootstrapping websites of all shapes and sizes. Build tools, and platform selection, supporting static sites with S3 deployment, Webhook CMS- powered sites, and a choice of three client-side JS frameworks (jQuery, Backbone, React/Flux/alt).

  • Knockout Inview

    A Knockout binding to manage elements entering or leaving the viewport.

  • Knockout Carousel

    A Knockout binding to construct carousels. Enables a high degree of flexibility and reusability, without dictating your page markup. Includes an auto-advance mechanism and touch capabilities.

  • Knockout Init

    A very simple solution to initializing Knockout observables from the page.

  • Knockout Railway

    A Knockout binding that aids in creating child elements that scroll within a parent div, sort of like that "follow me" map on Yelp.

  • PostCSS Plugin for Object Fit Images

    A PostCSS plugin that performs the necessary CSS transforms to use the excellent object-fit-images polyfill. Allows for seamlessly using the web standard 'object-fit' tag on images in your stylesheets.

  • ESLint Config

    An eslint shareable config for Ronik's code style. This script builds on the XO shareable config with small changes and additions.