Before The Flood

Extending the impact of a climate change documentary’s pressing call to action

Ronik worked closely with the team at Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to create the web presence for Before The Flood, a climate change documentary charting Leonardo DiCaprio’s journey across five continents to witness climate change first-hand.

The film, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens, uncovers the reality of the threat climate change poses to life on our planet and exposes the calculated disinformation campaign orchestrated by powerful special interest groups and corporations.

Ronik created an in-depth, engaging digital experience that educates visitors and urges them to take impactful action against climate change. The dark palette and powerful imagery of the site complements the graveness of the issue, while cleanly showcasing a myriad of solutions to remind the world that we are all impacted and capable of creating positive change.

  • Vega Digital Awards Gold Environmental Awareness 2017
  • Muse Creative Awards Platinum Nonprofit 2017