Elevated E-Book Discovery

Ronik revamped the experience of the leading ebook promotion service, providing a better showcase for featured ebooks and a proper reflection of Bookbub's creative personality.

A free service, Bookbub promotes free and discounted ebook deals. It's helped millions of readers find their way to great deals on top literature, while providing authors and publishers with a platform to reach new audiences. Bookbub members receive personalized emails with recommendations to match their interests, hand-picked by the editorial team.

Already working with 3,000 publishers, Bookbub boasts over three million subscribers and is the industry's leading ebook promotion service.

Bookbub was outgrowing its baby clothes. It needed a new website to properly reflect that it was no longer just a "startup idea." Additionally, an ebook web-service not supporting mobile web was dubious at best.

Ronik helped reimagine the Bookbub experience starting with the branding. We added character to make it more in tune with its audience, and extended the look to its new marketing site. Once Bookbub was settled with the new visual direction, we applied the aesthetic to the product itself. A bold palette and a clean, intuitive layout support Bookbub's straightforward offering. The clear presentation and filtering of the highlighted ebooks results in an enjoyable browsing experience.

Bookbub's new cross-platform home showcases its extensive collection of curated ebook deals in a modern and friendly experience. This restructuring results in a more engaging and uncluttered user experience for the millions of Bookbub users. Readers now have a digital platform to easily discover and purchase new literature from any device.

Bookbub is designed to work across devices in a responsive manner.