Helping a brand build a better industry.

Bringing transparency and accountability to digital advertising, DoubleVerify sets itself apart from its competition by giving its customers accurate data and insight into how its technology protects against fraudulent, harmful or inauthentic ad impressions. Ronik designed and developed a new digital home for DoubleVerify, creating an improved user experience, clearer message, and a colorful, new look and feel.

DoubleVerify’s tagline is “Let’s build a better industry.” Ronik worked with DoubleVerify to reimagine how clarity, transparency and peace of mind could be communicated through the company’s website and visual branding. The result is a marketing experience which speaks in a visual language and tone of voice not typical in their industry. The company strives to make clear how and what their technology achieves, and goes so far as to give their customers the tools to track these statistics in real-time.

The homepage serves as the core of the experience, telling the essential DoubleVerify story from top to bottom. It is comprised of a series of ‘digital billboards,’ each highlighting the pillars of the company and its technology. The strategy behind the homepage design is to craft a quick and impactful story that is enough to give any new visitor a full understanding of what DoubleVerify offers.

With the new site design comes a completely new look and feel for the brand, one that embraces the metaphor of ‘transparency’ through the use of colored gradients which reinforce DV’s presence at every crucial moment of an ad campaign.

Ronik created a brand image library that is a mix of curated stock imagery and an original ‘stock’ library of authentic DoubleVerify photography. We spent a day on-site with the fun and lively staff, photographing a variety of subject matter for use on the site, social media, and other marketing and internal company initiatives.