Office of the Future

Technology and creativity form a perfect marriage in this interactive tour of Fidelity's "Office of the Future."

Fidelity's "Office of the Future" integrates futuristic technology seamlessly into common working environments such as conference rooms, collaborative spaces, airport lounges, and a home-work environment. While tech form factors will change over time, the office focuses on seven trending tech topics: mobile, pervasive video, evolving interfaces, cloud computing, social media, big data, and gamification.

Fidelity sought to educate "advisors" on how modern tech can make their lives easier. They wanted to inspire customers by bringing them on a virtual tour with interactive elements highlighting an advanced office's technology. The final goal was to take interactivity beyond the computer and create a fully immersive experience.

Fidelity -- The Office of the Future, web experience version.

Interactivity, gamification, and storytelling were top-of-mind during the creative process. Opportunities like this allow us to experiment with new technology, and utilizing devices such as the Leap Motion were instrumental to this project's success. We relished breathing life into some of the tour's gadgets through the use of 3D and animation effects.

In addition to the design, 3D modelling, and development of the experience, Ronik assisted Fidelity with the creation, training, and staffing of the booth for the Fidelity Executive Forum 2014 in Orlando.

To complete the experience, we modeled and produce the video stories for the tour.

Fidelity's Office of the Future was a hit. The booth drew heavy attention and excitement at the Fidelity Executive Forum 2014. Fidelity's vision is to continue updating the experience as soon as new tools/gadgets appear, and keep the experience relevant for their forward thinking audience.