A new kind of news site for a new kind of media company.

Ronik created the user experience and design of a wholly new Fusion digital experience. The design of the site is geared toward—and inspired by—a young, diverse generation of discerning and engaged internet users.

The Fusion homepage features the day’s current news, staying fresh with constantly updated content.
The editorial sections on the homepage are interchangeable and flexible, catering to the needs of the fast-paced Fusion newsroom.
Article pages are flexibly designed to comprise text and photos-— but also videos, gifs, tweets, and whatever media Fusion needs to tell their stories.
The responsive design delivers the fun and lively Fusion experience across all devices.
  • Davey Award Silver Television 2015
  • Davey Award Silver News 2015
  • w3 Award Silver Visual Appeal 2015
  • Horizon Interactive Award Gold Magazine / News / Blog 2015