Virtual Currency For The Modern World

Virtual currency is the next step in trade. Seeing a chance to get involved at the beginning, Ronik imagined a trading system for Gloebit that is fun, easy to use, and reliable.

Like tokens at an arcade, Gloebit is a token machine for the internet. Gloebits are tokens that can be exchanged for digital goods within platforms utilizing the Gloebit service.

Gloebit approached Ronik with a proof of concept of their app. The initial target audience was the gaming community. Ronik helped imagine and expand the product into a fully functional virtual trading system.

Gloebit Dashboard experience.

We first created a full branding system that includes the product logo, as well as the Gloebit currency symbol. We then created a user experience for a trading system that is simple, robust, and secure. Ronik also developed the front-end experience to be a multiplatform, highly interactive tool—one that reflects the elegant and smooth back-end code of the product.

Mobile payments are important to Gloebit's strategy. The entire Gloebit experience is responsive.
Ronik created a single page payment flow to convert users to customers as easily as possible.

Gloebit is now a reality, actively growing a customer base and establishing new partnerships. The future of the digital tokens is promising.