Bringing Artistry to Artists

Ronik designed flexible artist portfolio iPad apps for Kleverbeast's self-publishing app-builder platform.

Kleverbeast provides the tools for any artist or content creator to easily develop a unique multi-platform app. By offering beautiful, versatile templates and easy management of app-store publishing, artists are given customized control over their portfolio app without ever looking at code.

Ronik was approached to design two app templates, both for the intended use by artists or creators with mulitmedia content to display. The structure of the app is flexible, so sections like Biography, Timeline, Reviews, Exhibits and Galleries can grow and change over time, or be omitted entirely.

App for Photographer Paco Peregrín

Ronik was lucky enough to work with the stunning content of two talented artists for the basis of the portfolio templates, photographer Paco Peregrín and painter Zeng Fanzhi. The design of the apps had to be approached from the knowledge that every artist would fill and style the app differently, and would need to accomplish varying goals. Each element of the app chrome — the navigation drawer, text, buttons, colors — was designed to be customized by the app-maker, giving artists the kind of creative control they expect.

The app-builder platform allows artists to really get creative with their storytelling — the template includes optional audio or video commentary to accompany the image galleries, giving users extra insight when browsing the art. We designed the app to feel robust and navigable even if the artist filled it sparingly or kept sections hidden.

App for Artist Zeng Fanzhi

The Biography section of the app allows the artist to expound on their life and work, arranging imagery, video and text to suit their preference. We deliberately gave each of the apps a disctintive navigation and intro style, the first step in allowing the artist to feel like they are truly creating their own personalized experience.