Creating the next consumer cloud experience.

Ronik created the branding, user experience and marketing design for MiMedia, a cross-platform consumer cloud app. We’ve been a close partner with the MiMedia team, leading the product design across the web, desktop, smartphone and tablet experiences.

The marketing message of MiMedia is honed to the target audience of young, always-on families, while staying applicable to the broader audience of serial photo takers and memory makers. After establishing the branding and identity of MiMedia, Ronik designed and developed the MiMedia marketing website, and produced the video montage which shows off the magic of MiMedia in action.

The app itself is designed with simplicity and organization in mind. We developed a consistent user experience in the app across platforms, and created iconography, photography and animation for various aspects of the experience. Solving product and marketing challenges for MiMedia across its many interaction points has been a fun and exciting task, offering the Ronik team the opportunity to utilize their expertise across an array of business problems.

Once we established the MiMedia brand, we applied it to various company collateral, including business cards, t-shirts, office branding and social media imagery.

MiMedia recently partnered with RadioShack, where the app is now offered to customers in exclusive in-store promotions. Ronik designed point of purchase displays which feature tablet devices showcasing the app for customers to experience for themselves.

  • Horizon Interactive Award Gold Consumer Information 2014
  • Communicator Award Gold Marketing 2015
  • Horizon Interactive Award Gold Responsive / Mobile Design 2015