Jumpstarting American Renewal

Ronik teamed with NationSwell to create a multimedia platform for telling the gripping stories of Americans moving the country forward.

NationSwell is a new digital media company focused on telling compelling stories about American renewal — highlighting those taking the most creative and impactful steps to effect meaningful, positive change. NationSwell focuses on identifying these people and their causes, telling their stories, and mobilizing support behind them.

Bold visuals for a bold mission.

NationSwell came to Ronik for the concept, design and development of the online publication. Having already identified countless worthy causes around the country, NationSwell saw the need for a single source that could cover these phenomena and broadcast them to a wide audience, providing users with the means to lend their support to causes at the point of their highest interest and concern. Given the awareness and means, more people could surely be motivated to take action.

Together we created a digital home for NationSwell. The site focuses on the clear presentation of featured stories. Most of these features provide an immediate avenue for getting involved, connecting readers to the people in the stories directly.

There are thousands of organizations and individuals working to combat various problems in our country. Unfortunately, they cannot always do it alone, and NationSwell does a great job of rallying its users around causes that deserve and need more support and attention. The site exposes youth to issues they might not have previously known about, engages them, and encourages social activity. Visitors can search stories based on the topics they are interested in, such as the environment, health, and education.

NationSwell hopes to capitalize on their younger audience's desire to be socially engaged, creating a platform for learning about our nation's growing activism while affording visitors the means to easily get involved — whether that means signing a petition, tweeting about a worthy cause, or volunteering their time to charitable organizations.

The site integrates various third-party technologies to facilitate involvement — we use the and APIs in stories' Take Action sections to connect users directly with the tools needed to participate.

The news site owes roughly half of its traffic to mobile consumption.

The end result is a sleek, modern site that allows NationSwell to instantly reach viewers and leverage them to make a difference. Compelling editorial content, bold and engaging design, and easy, powerful ways for a user to immediately take action on what they've read is a potent combination, and it will be exciting to see how NationSwell can empower Americans to better their country.

  • Horizon Interactive Award Silver Responsive / Mobile Design 2014
  • Horizon Interactive Award Gold Magazine / News / Blog 2014