Regan Arts

Not your typical publisher's website.

The new Regan Arts is a vibrant, insightful salon of conversation and insightful peeks into a myriad of worthwhile topics across all media. Ronik designed and developed a unique experience which allows visitors to browse and purchase Regan Arts titles, while giving the editors a platform to feature book excerpts, interviews, and relevant stories in any media they choose.

Regan Arts, under the umbrella of art publisher Phaidon, is a self-described “creator and producer of content across all media platforms”. With publishing veteran Judith Regan at the helm, the eclectic and forward-thinking company needed a digital home that is unlike the typical publisher’s website.

The publisher was without a purposeful digital presence. Regan Arts wanted to do more than merely sell books—they needed a platform which would allow the brand to spread it wings in terms of storytelling, showcasing its authors, and speaking about the company and the various personalities, events, and products involved in the Regan Arts world.