Innovative design for a new approach to ad-tech

Ronik designed and developed a fresh new online presence for Simulmedia, a targeted television advertising company. Simulmedia takes an innovative approach to ad-buying—our solution communicates their unique value through clear messaging, custom animations and infographics.

Simulmedia provides a data-driven digital ad targeting platform for linear TV. They bring a smart, new approach to ad-buying, allowing their customers to accurately see the effects of their television advertising spend.

What they were missing was a clear marketing message, one which educates potential new customers about the power and intelligence of the Simulmedia platform and excites them about the possibility of increasing the efficacy of their television advertising.

In order to clearly tell Simulmedia’s unique story—which is its application of the typically ‘digital’ paradigm of data-driven ad targeting and optimization to the world of TV advertising—Ronik created an experience which explains Simulmedia’s approach with clear, methodical messaging supplemented by graphical representations of their platform, technology and overall process.

Custom illustrations, charts and infographics are brought to life using html5 and CSS animations—everywhere from the homepage, to the product pages, to the case studies. Ronik created a custom set of iconography, a marketing image library, and a refreshed use of the Simulmedia brand.

The front-end is responsive and fluid, with all the site’s fun animations performing across mobile devices as well as they do on the web.