Hollywood Style for Miles

The Hollywood Reporter needed a new platform for their coverage of style, beauty and Hollywood fashion. Ronik designed and developed a new digital channel for the publication, offering an online destination for daily style coverage.

The Hollywood Reporter is the authority on entertainment industry news. Their website is a popular destination, boasting 13 million monthly unique visitors. The demographic skews middle-aged and male, which can be attributed to the website's breadth of industry reporting.

The Style section of the print edition of The Hollywood Reporter was used as inspiration for Pret-a-Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter saw an opportunity to capitalize on their position — they are able to offer a unique perspective on fashion trends, beauty news and celebrity style with their immense industry access and knowledge. They simultaneously wanted to grow their female readership and become an appealing destination for fashion and beauty advertisers. The site needed to speak directly to the fashion-conscious 25-34 year old, with an eye towards women but without excluding the broader THR audience.

Ronik teamed with The Hollywood Reporter to create Pret-a-Reporter, the publication's new fashion and beauty content brand. The Style section of the weekly magazine is small in comparison to its cover stories and industry-related news. However, the new digital channel gives the publication the ability to expand on its style journalism daily. Pret-a-Reporter created a new voice for style within the publication, and with it, could successfully woo a new audience of THR readers.

The daily style destination features original profiles, red carpet coverage, photo galleries, interviews, shopping tours with fashion influencers and other exclusive content. The site was designed with eye-catching celebrity imagery in mind, and with the goal of encouraging the user to scroll, browse and stay engaged with related content. The site is meant to echo the design of the Style section in the large-format print publication. It integrates the editorial team's voices on Instagram and Twitter, further connecting users to the Pret-a-Reporter brand.

The multimedia carousel highlights recent exclusive photo galleries and videos.

Pret-a-Reporter has given The Hollywood Reporter a fashion presence on the web, and a strong vision for the future of channel growth within the THR brand. With female readership steadily growing thanks to their new style section, we look forward to a bold future with new exclusive insights into fashion and beauty.