Time to Choose

Empowering the world to change the planet's future.

Ronik worked with the team behind Oscar-winner Charles Ferguson's new documentary Time to Choose to create the campaign's digital experience, offering a peek inside the film and the many ways to take meaningful action against climate change.

Amidst the dire reality the film alerts us of, the global message is that it is not too late to stop climate change and secure the future of our planet — although it soon will be. The film is exceedingly effective in instilling in us the urgency and responsibility to take immediate action.

Ronik created an experience which reiterates and enables the main actions the film charges us with: to Vote, Switch, and Advocate in order to effectively stop climate change.

As part of the release, the film streamed for free for 48 hours on The Huffington Post, in an effort to spread the message far and wide across the globe.

The site combines crucial clips from the film which at once market the film and educate visitors on the details of each problem, including coal mining, fossil fuel, pollution, deforestation, unsustainable farming, animal endangerment and the health of humanity. Users can visit the sites of various organizations who are either fighting these malevolent industries or offering alternatives such as wind power, solar power and electric vehicles.

  • Davey Award Silver Movie / Film 2015
  • Horizon Interactive Award Silver Advocacy / Non-Profit 2015