Climate Change March 2014

#WalkTheWalk is an interactive website uniting activists on social media to march all the way to Central Park .

Ronik teamed with Purpose to execute their design vision and further the Climate March campaign. We were tasked with developing a digital experience which excited visitors, encouraged participation, and resulted in increased visibility and gravity surrounding the Climate Change March. More than just a pretty face, the site also needed to educate visitors about the cause and how they can get involved.

We integrated with instagram and vine to supply user generated video content. Using their APIs we harvested content into a moderation queue. From there we tie the video content together with on-site user submitted messages to form a dynamic video content.

#WalktheWalk -- An infinitely navigable dynamically balanced video experience.

Video on the web can be difficult to work with. Thousands of videos rendering and playing in an infintely navigable grid is a major challenge. All of this needed to be done seamlessly, load quickly, and have broad support for browsers and screen resolutions.

A specific mobile version of the site was built into the app to account for the inability to automatically play videos on mobile devices.

To solve for the various problems and execute the vision, Ronik built a unique application. More like a video game than a traditional website, we used Facebook's React.js as the core of the app. We needed to carefully manage html5 video elements to keep machine resources in check. We created a content approval system which automatically flags obscenities and allows administrators to moderate user's submissions using node.js, hapi, and mongodb. To ensure smooth performance we dynamically prioritized videos to play based on position within a user's field of view and realtime framerate monitoring of a user's browser. This is the kind of challenge that Ronik loves to take on.

  • Webby Award Honoree Activism 2014