WB Engineers + Consultants

Built for Builders

Overhauling WB Engineers + Consultants' existing website and identity was no small feat. Ronik established a consistent, modern identity that better reflects the company's personality and mission. We also empowered their web presence with engrossing case studies and a new interactive tool called the "Explorer".

For over a decade, WB has helped its clients realize their visions for their systems and spaces, along the way solving thousands of complex business and engineering challenges. Since its humble beginnings in 1999, WB has grown into a successful mid-size firm with three U.S. offices (and growing) and a diverse range of services. Their motto is "Improving the Way Things are Done," and that is something they've continuously strived to uphold.

The site features engrossing case studies and a new tool called the Explorer, a learning tool for both clients and junior engineers.

WB's work was always in line with its motto, but the brand felt stolid and corporate, belying the personality of the company and the intelligence and vigor the staff brings to their projects. The website was showing its age, and failed to offer compelling content or an accurate online personality reflecting the company's true spirit and problem-solving prowess. Ronik saw a chance to improve the way things were done.

We started by revamping their brand identity, better capturing the essence of their forward-thinking character while maintaining the important W-B visual relationship. Dull, corporate maroon and navy were shifted to a more energetic orange, and a range of warms grays add subtle sophistication, while alluding to the tools and materials of their industry. The logo became lighter, more modern and versatile; the encircled WB 'stamp' is also a nod to standardized engineering iconography used in plans and blueprints. We applied their new identity across a full range of new materials, from letterhead to digital forms to hardhats and clipboards.

The new website is airy, visual and inviting, while still being packed full of interesting, relevant information about the company, its projects and, most importantly, its people. Together, Ronik and WB created over 80 compelling, editorialized case studies detailing the ins and outs of their most impressive projects, giving potential clients a great deal of insight into WB's process and authority in their field. The website also gives greater insight into the people of WB Engineers + Consultants—Ronik photographed the staff of the NYC and Boston offices for an informative and intimate Team page, which exposes the liveliness of the company.

Finally, we created a fun and informative new interactive tool for WB called theExplorer. With it, visitors can pan and zoom through specially-created blueprints and click on hotspots for explanations on processes, devices and structures commonly used by the WB team. It's a novel approach to learning, and unlike anything we've seen from their competitors. It was important to the client that the new site exuded a mastery of their services, even becoming a destination for industry knowledge.

The new WB identity was applied to various business collateral as well as tools for engineers.

The result of our partnership is a beautiful new identity applied across the entire WB universe. Information on the site is now more accessible, appealing, and easier to digest, meaning more engagement with potential clients. Ronik is proud of the results, and the WB team is excited to see their personality and expertise finally given the spotlight it deserves.